The Associated Press: Senate Democrats expect to seat Burris

01.13.09 | Filed Under Politik

The Associated Press: Senate Democrats expect to seat Burris.

I would like my $15 post-Obama donation back, you spineless pigs. I hope the cheap, plastic mug it got me (which I am sipping from now) doesn’t become an all-too poignant metaphor.

I understand that this Blag stuff is  drawing focus away from what’s important … but how can you let a clearly corrupt man choose a Senator?  If the rule of law demands this (and I’ll concede that it clearly does) … then the law is broken and must be fixed. You could have made it the first order of business in this Congress.  You could have chosen to risk losing the seat to the other side of the aisle. But you didn’t. Spineless.

The Democrats have never been in a stronger position in my adult-life … so if they can’t stand up for something now, when exactly do they plan on doing it?

And if it’s really because you felt uncomfortable turning a black man away from an all-white legislative body … then I feel shame for all of us.