• Yo – Skunks are Messed Up, People

    Watched this crazy PBS Nature Episode about skunks. They actually do that. If you see them doing that, I’d run. Also … they eat bees … and wrestle snakes (they even generally win). #respect

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  • Train! – The Boston Globe

        Train! – The Boston Globe An article about how a “behavior architecture” consultancy company worked with the Central Railway to tackle Mumbai’s largest everyday cause of unnatural deaths … track-crossing. 10 people die every day in Mumbai from being hit by trains while crossing these tracks. The firm, Final Mile (a bizarrely appropriate  name given […]

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  • Piracy Pays

    Who-da thunk.

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  • Wow, I Go to The Wrong Bars Back Home

    Police: Rocky Hill Woman Asked Legislator For Ride After Leaving Bar — Courant.com.

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  • How My Day Is Going

    Does this happen to you? I have had this conversation on AIM about 4 times today. me: make sure they know X them: ok, i’ll tell them Y me: no, tell them X them: gotcha, will let them know z. me: are my im’s coming thru? them: yes, last thing you said was to tell […]

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  • Bill Hicks Tells Me to Suck a Tailpipe

    <a href=”http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6a47ba5483″>Bill Hicks on Marketing</a> on <a href=”http://www.funnyordie.com”>FunnyOrDie.com</a> I think instead of meditating, I’m just gonna watch this every morning.

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  • Mantra #4815:

    Outlook is by far the worst crime against humanity that Microsoft has ever committed.

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