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  • Playlist: King of America

    If you’re reading this, then there is little statistical doubt that you agree with me that the election of our 45th president is both alarming and deeply shameful. If you don’t agree with me about that, I’m unable to process that information – and from what I read, that is precisely the problem. We’ll get […]

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  • Favorite Music of 2012

    Usually, I don’t understand how people make Best Of Year lists before the end of said year. There are so many lists to ingest, that my perception of the year’s best is usually drastically changed by January 15. I don’t think that’s the case this year. My favorite album of the year came out in […]

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  • A Spotify playlist for your Labor Day Weekend listening leisure

    Welcome to the Working Week. Living, loving, loathing, leaving, and looking for work …

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  • The Light You Cannot Resist

    I’ve noticed that a few of you are on Spotify. In fact, neither Facebook nor Spotify will stop reminding me of that … so I decided to share some Spotify-friendly versions of personal mixtapes that I have made. It only seemed fitting that the first be a celebration of music itself. Spotify does have a […]

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  • I will scratch where I’ve been itching

    This is my favorite song of 2011. Or most any year. This is why getting older is getting better. If Tom Waits had a church, I’d go to it. #gospel #truth

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  • Spotify Playlist: Welcome to the Working Week

    If you’re a Spotify member, click the monkey to listen to a playlist I’ve put together for my Labor Day listening pleasure. If you’re not a Spotify Member, hit me up, sign up here for an invite (or let me know if you want to skip the line, I still have some invites left).

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  • 8tracks Mix – Hope in the Trainyard

    A non-definitive 8tracks mix with reflections, observations and associations for a July 4th weekend. Bonus track: American Girl dedicated to Michelle Bachman.

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  • Jarvis Cocker Never Said He Was Deep

    A video interview with Faber Publishing Director Lee Brackstone promoting the publication of Jarvis Cocker’s Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics for October You manage to persuade some friends to come around to your house and make a noise with you. And if you’re the singer, you have to write some words. Jarvis Cocker on Writing […]

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  • Peeling Off The Label

    New Wilco? Yes, please. Obviously, always excited for that. Also excited that Wilco can probably control what they want to do and when now that they have their own label. Clearly the tension between commerce and following their muse is well-documented … but their last album, while enjoyable, well-executed and sporadically interesting … didn’t feel […]

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  • You’re Highbrow, Holy, With Lots of So Melancholy Shimmering

    I’ve been on a huge Bryan Ferry kick recently. Not sure why exactly … something about his dramatic yet coolly restrained delivery has been fascinating me lately. Something super-Brechtian and yet extremely invested about it. I’ve been sort of torn about him in the past. When you watch something like this … it’s so hungry. […]

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