• Defiant & Defeated Kanye

    I love everything about Kanye’s new single. I love the beat. I love the King Crimson sample. And I love the cover art for the single. I haven’t been excited about anything he’s done for years, so this is a welcomed change. I only kinda like the lyrics – but if he’s got something to […]

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  • Jagger on music’s relationship with the internet

    via BBC I am quite relaxed about it. But, you know, it is a massive change and it does alter the fact that people don’t make as much money out of records. But I have a take on that – people only made money out of records for a very, very small time. When The […]

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  • 8tracks mix – Thanksgiving

    Made my first 8tracks mix today. It looks like an interesting service … although, I have yet to listen to someone else’s mix. Looking forward to playing with it some more … but in the meantime, to celebrate the imminent holiday, here’s this: Enjoy.

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  • Sam Phillips :: The Long Play

    Sam Phillips :: The Long Play :: Exclusive Content For Subscribers Only! . (via) This is a really interesting idea as far as how musicians can make some bank without the help of a major label. Now granted, the subscription model may be difficult to get some volume with if you’ve never had major-label success. […]

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  • Neko Case & Crooked Fingers @ Nokia Theatre – pics, setlist – BrooklynVegan

    BrooklynVegan has the setlist and pics from the Neko Case show last night at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.  Bit of a strange venue, but Neko and co were great … and her voice sounded amazing (obviously). Neko Case & Crooked Fingers @ Nokia Theatre – pics, setlist – BrooklynVegan.

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  • Wild Thing – Neko Case, a Singer –

    Wild Thing – Neko Case, a Singer – via sbz

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  • Mike Doughty – Happy Isolation Lunch Box Land

    This blog entry made me jealous of Mike Doughty and how he’s filling his days in February.

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  • YouTube – ORIGINAL NBA on NBC Theme – Roundball Rock – John Tesh

    My co-worker sent me this … apparently Bill Simmons linked to it today.  It’s incredible.  John Tesh is so incredibly oblivious to himself, it’s astounding. Also, check out what the violinist is wearing.  Makes Coldplay look fashionable. YouTube – ORIGINAL NBA on NBC Theme – Roundball Rock – John Tesh

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  • Good Music, Good Cause

    While I’m on the subject of Neko Case … turns out that Neko Case and ANTI (her record label) are running a cool promotion. For everyone that posts her new single on their blog or iLike’s the track (on Facebook, for instance), they will donate to Best Friends Animal Society. So if you like Neko […]

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  • Neko Case’s EPK for Middle Cyclone

    “You know what’s extra cool? THE FROGS.” Can’t wait to get this album … comes out in March. (via stereogum)

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