• My Worst Baseball Year Ever

    I’m taking a break from listening to Kate Bush and Counting Crows to share my misery with you, dear readers. Last night was simply devastating. I didn’t really understand what was happening to the Red Sox during September. I had been blessedly distracted by work and an amazing vacation this month, so the bulk of […]

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  • Brief Note Of Worry for the Red Sox

    I’m not worried about what Cliff Lee did to the Red Sox last night … but I am worried that our lineup against left-handed pitchers would have been the B team in spring training. I know that the Red Sox have the best record in baseball since such and such a date. At least they […]

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  • Ready.

    Haven’t really paid too much attention to baseball this season. There’s good reason for that – been extremely busy this spring & summer (especially with directing The Books). However, I do owe an apology to my fantasy baseball teams this year. I did not give you the attention you deserved. But now that things have […]

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  • Rice’s reaction – Extra Bases – Red Sox blog

    Rice’s reaction – Extra Bases – Red Sox blog. Mental note: If/When I am elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame … do not mention that I was watching soap operas while waiting for “The Call.” Also … do not wear “a sweater vest over a long-sleeved polo shirt” … it’s been done.

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