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  • Playlist: King of America

    If you’re reading this, then there is little statistical doubt that you agree with me that the election of our 45th president is both alarming and deeply shameful. If you don’t agree with me about that, I’m unable to process that information – and from what I read, that is precisely the problem. We’ll get […]

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  • Examining the Remains of Occupy Wall Street

    When the conventions came and went without a noticeable peep from Occupy Wall Street, I had written them off for dead. But when it was reported that there would be a 1 year anniversary event (an occu-versary, if you will), I wanted to go see it. My office is only a 15-20 minute walk from […]

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  • Paul Ryan Thinks You Are Too Stupid & Lazy to Use Google

    Many things have been said about Paul Ryan lately … including that he is good looking, which boggles my mind. But the one that is beginning to make the most sense to me is the description of him as the “intellectual soul of the Republican party.” Originally meant as a compliment, the statement resonates deeper […]

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  • Someday I will learn to stop paying attention to petty things like Republican National Conventions.

    At some point, it will be a matter of self-preservation. I get so anxious, so edgy … it’s impossible to ignore the physical toll it takes. For no reason. These people are clearly not speaking to me … why worry about what they say? If we have learned anything over the past few years, it’s […]

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  • Zakaria: Tea Party held America hostage

    Fareed Zakaria: … if you control just one of those three branches of government, you can’t hijack the entire system and say I’m going to blow the country up unless you listen to me. [The Tea Party has] only won one election to one house once. … I think they don’t understand the workings of […]

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  • Live Video of Nancy Pelosi Addressing the House

    source: The Telegraph

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    Watch the latest video at Yeah, I watched that Jon Stewart/Chris Wallace interview, just like you did. Yes, it was extremely satisfying to watch Chris Wallace claim that there was no Fox bias and yet is a counter-balance to the liberal bias of the mainstream media. (Aside: how is the number 1 cable news […]

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  • A Small Thought about Tucson

    I do not think the shooting in Tucson is Palin’s fault … anymore than I think John Lennon’s death is J.D. Salinger’s fault (and there is certainly more of a direct connection to the assailant in that case). Although the fact that Palin’s site and Twitter have been scrubbed demonstrates that people in her camp at least sense a connection. […]

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  • What is more disappointing?

    a) The factually unsupported narrative that government spending is out of control (made even more irresponsible when it’s coupled with blaming the current administration for not creating more jobs). b) The fact that the underlying argument of the Right has a modicum of merit … that it appears that even a supposedly game-changing movement like […]

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  • Obama Saluting Fallen Soldiers video

    Clearly, this is a piece of political theater.  It’s still sort of breath taking.

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