You’re Highbrow, Holy, With Lots of So Melancholy Shimmering

06.24.11 | Filed Under Music

I’ve been on a huge Bryan Ferry kick recently. Not sure why exactly … something about his dramatic yet coolly restrained delivery has been fascinating me lately. Something super-Brechtian and yet extremely invested about it.

I’ve been sort of torn about him in the past. When you watch something like this … it’s so hungry. And you compare it to the mashed potato schmaltz he delivered in the 80’s* and 90’s … a fan might feel betrayed. Like he’s been phoning it in or something. Too busy being rich, cool and dating women half his age, I guess.

But he put out a new album last year that had a great single – and while it was the only significant song on the album, it wasn’t the only good song on the album. So maybe I was ready to let him back in.

Anyway … this is the song that made me a fan in the first place. Give it a shot, if you don’t know it already (btw – it changes dramatically a couple minutes in, so be patient if you aren’t struck by the opening).

(*obviously “More Than This” is an amazing song and even though is part of the less-interesting phase of his career, it’s a notable and exceptional exception. Instead of over-produced … let’s call it sophisticated.)