Playlist: King of America

11.21.16 | Filed Under Music, Politik

If you’re reading this, then there is little statistical doubt that you agree with me that the election of our 45th president is both alarming and deeply shameful. If you don’t agree with me about that, I’m unable to process that information – and from what I read, that is precisely the problem. We’ll get into that later. Or not. We’ll see. Anyway.

I find myself utterly paralyzed by this turn of events. But whether it’s resisting our new dangerous overlords or … you know, my actual job … there is work to be done. I can’t ignore or even set aside what has happened, but focusing on it ties me in knots.

Therefore – a playlist that documents my experience of this election. Sounds much more upbeat than I feel (for that I’d just loop the last three songs), but I find it allows me to be productive while I continue to process.

Here is a link the Apple Music version, if you prefer that sort of thing. That also has a couple extra songs (including Paul Westerberg’s one I used as the title), so if you’re subscriber, I’d go with that one.