Peeling Off The Label

06.27.11 | Filed Under Music

New Wilco? Yes, please. Obviously, always excited for that. Also excited that Wilco can probably control what they want to do and when now that they have their own label. Clearly the tension between commerce and following their muse is well-documented … but their last album, while enjoyable, well-executed and sporadically interesting … didn’t feel like an album. It felt to me more like a few singles with b-sides mixed in. While I assume Nonesuch is a happy home for artists, let’s hope Wilco feels that they have something to prove on their own label.

Speaking of labels … Morrissey, my dear … don’t be a crotchety old fogey. If labels aren’t falling over themselves to sign you (which they should be), just put out the damn thing yourself. It’s not a cheap marketing technique anymore. In fact, labels are useless to well-established acts for anything except as marketing apparati. If you put it out yourself, you can probably get a larger share of the profits and reduce the price for your precious fans. Like me.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty in “business” … I get that, but somebody can handle that part for you. You must have a competent out of work friend, it’s a worldwide recession for Christ’s sake. Quit sulking*, put out a Craig’s List ad, and get out in the rain and sing, you freaking dandy.

*PS – don’t quit sulking, Morrissey. You sulk with the best of them