Jukebox – Cat Power

01.25.08 | Filed Under Music

Picked up Cat Power’s Jukebox yesterday. I dl’d it from eMusic … a good number of the early reviews made it clear that I shouldn’t actually spend money on it, as there were a lot of cyber-snickers about it being remarkably mediocre. However, I’m here to tell you that it’s a strong record from an artist in her prime.

Is it the revelation that her previous album was? Absolutely not. But it’s a covers record … what do you expect? You have to judge an album on the grounds which it is constructed (for instance, this would be the worst trip-hop album ever … good thing it isn’t making an attempt to be one). This may not be the album that critics wanted her to make, but it’s a solid follow up to a career-making album.

If you like Cat Power’s sultry, smoky, wounded warble … and lots of reverb, this is definitely worthwhile purchase. The opening track, “New York,” saves the song from the grips of Sinatra and coffee commercials everywhere … listen for yourself below. It’s followed by the lone new original song on the record, a heartfelt ode to Dylan: the power that the man and his music holds for Chan. I also recommend her cover of “I Believe in You” from Dylan’s Jesus period (but, much like good old Jeezy Creezy, you’ll have to find that one on your own).