Jai Guru Deva, Om

10.09.07 | Filed Under Music

Today is the 67th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth.  This day (along with December 8, the date of his assasination) has always been a bit of a holiday for me.  It certainly is a more valid choice than Columbus Day.

It’s not like I take a day off or something.  I just fire up my Lennon mix on ye olde iPod in the morning, and swing by Strawberry Fields in the evening to see hippies and the yuppies caterwaul along to guitars, more than slightly out of tune.  It’s a pilgrimage of sorts.  Some people go to church on Easter.  I go to Central Park on October 9th.

Maybe I change my AIM icon for the day.  Maybe I’m a dork.

So here’s a mix for you, so you can celebrate in your own way.  There are plenty of stellar songs that I skipped (like a little ditty named “Imagine”), so this is not meant to be comprehensive at all … (UPDATE: SeeqPod is an awesome site, but it’s in “beta” … so it’s not exactly reliable … so no promises on the player below)


And while we’re at it … here’s this. Prepare to be conflicted: