urbanblight copyright

05.27.08 | Filed Under Me, Music

shawn: “urbanblight” is so strongly associated with you that when I see it anywhere I just assume you must be connected somehow.
urbanblight: heh, i wish! i would love some royalties on it. there’s a band apparently with that name, too
shawn: which is the one I just encountered
shawn: NEXT WEEK: Urban Blight!
shawn: I keep thnking i’m gonna see your Mii
urbanblight: lol – it’s my hardcore band
shawn: I like that that implies you have many bands
urbanblight: yeah, my disco-rock band is Al Qaeda Sex Tape … my alt-country band is Stupid Broken Umbrella, etc.
shawn: haha
shawn: I want to buy your alt-country band’s album
urbanblight: it’s an under-appreciated masterpiece that will receive it’s due after being used in a car commercial, years after my untimely death
shawn: Yikes, well, at least some good will come of it (your untimely death)
urbanblight: yeah, it’ll get my burgeoning lesbian folk-punk daughter some spins on college radio too, when she releases a haunting cover of it.
shawn: haha
shawn: you’ve thought about this
urbanblight: heh, a boy can dream

If Hurley from LOST can post three entries about excrement, then I get to post an IM conversation.