Matt Urban Joins the Social Networking Revolution

06.03.08 | Filed Under Me

Look … People.  I really like you, I do.  I know that it may not seem that way, as I have some hermit-like tendencies.  I don’t write. I don’t call.  I know, I suck.

I’m trying to get better at that stuff.  I never wanted you to take it personally, People.  Although, sometimes you are kind of an asshole.

And maybe I take you for granted. And I’m sorry for that, People.


Now Matt Urban is on Facebook.  I think that means you and I can play Scrabble.  Or maybe throw turkeys at each other, whatever the hell that means.

But it also means that I have to decide whether that dude in the cube two rows down is my “friend.”  More importantly, will he notice that we AREN’T friends.  Will it prevent us from being actual non-cyber friends?  Has he not send me that damn Photoshop file that I asked him for days ago because of it? Will he now be able to find that picture of me where I’m [REDACTED].

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I’m supposed to make this Facebook thing interesting, let me know.  I already have the icon on my iPhone home screen. So far, that’s my favorite part.