10.01.09 | Filed Under Baseball

Haven’t really paid too much attention to baseball this season. There’s good reason for that – been extremely busy this spring & summer (especially with directing The Books). However, I do owe an apology to my fantasy baseball teams this year. I did not give you the attention you deserved.

But now that things have settled down and autumn is here, my attention turns to you, dear Red Sox. Very excited for this postseason. Went to a game last weekend in Baltimore … heading to Fenway next weekend. And hopefully to an ALDS game (*if necessary). Should be good times – no matter the outcome.

I even watched what appeared to be the equivalent of a Red Sox cover band lose to Toronto 12-0 last night.

I must say – I still like this team in the postseason. I like the makeup of the roster … and I like that it’s not ours to win. This postseason – it’s the Yankees’ to lose. If they win, it will simply be what should happen. If they don’t – glorious failure. Looking forward to it.

photo by Shawn Morrison