I can’t wait.

03.04.08 | Filed Under Americana

I can’t wait till we can no longer blame our problems on this guy. I can’t wait till he’s simply not an issue, not even a thought or passing consideration. At most, relegated to a punch-line … perhaps a euphemism for botching what was already an ill-conceived plan. Totally Bush-ing it. Dubbing it up. Whatever.

I just want him gone. No hard feelings. We got what we deserved. Believe it or not, I actually think he meant well.

But just imagine a national discourse that doesn’t consider him. Now, take this pill and imagine a national debate that wasn’t framed in a red-state blue-state paradigm … just try … I know!! It’s so awesome … you can actually debate the merits of an idea. So cool.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a schoolgirl crush on Obama … but he’s got the ambition (and probably the ability) to elevate our national discourse above this polarizing framework. The junior senator from NY thrives on that polarization (among other things). And I just don’t want that anymore. I’m tired. Aren’t you?
Here’s hoping 50.1% of people agree with me today.