Annie Lennox – Dark Road

09.11.07 | Filed Under Americana, Music

I really like Annie Lennox … she’s a beautiful woman with a predilection for dropping bizarre visuals into her fairly mainstream work. Not to mention that flawless voice. I generally don’t even like flawless voices, but I find hers hard to deny.

Sometimes her work is extremely middle-of-the-road, though. Which is fine, I don’t think she’s making music for me, or people like me. It does however leave me restless and bored during some of her tracks.

This new single is no exception. Beautiful enough, but forgettable, I guess. I’ll definitely listen to the album when my mom buys it.

But re: this video …

WHY THE AMERICA SHIT? What exactly does that illuminate about the song … or America for that matter? I love the low-budget superhero outfit, especially at the bus stop … but the “juxtaposition” of “real” Americans with the clean, pretty flag (while earnest, I’m sure) seems just as hollow as the branding of America it’s clearly criticizing. Also … sorry, but what exactly does this Scottish adult-rock star know about “real” Americans? They can’t afford her shows at Mohegan Sun.