• I’m Only Snoozing

    I was all excited. I was ready to get up and be responsible. Like an adult. Then I wake up. And it’s 5 minutes before I’m supposed to leave. Tonight, I will be in bed early. Staring at a ceiling, waiting for sleep to come. Maybe I’ll take a Benadryl or something. But by God […]

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  • I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

    I doubt anyone noticed, but I promised to “do my damnedest” to post everyday … yet I failed to post anything over the weekend. Eh, I don’t feel as bad about it as I thought I would. I had a much better time chillaxing with my ladyfriend.My problems with discipline continue. Alas. Rome wasn’t built […]

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  • Many Rivers to Cross

    I’ve been a little on edge lately.  Feeling frustrated, blocked and inert. I can think of a million things to do to change … but none of them scream “Yes, Matthew, I am the solution you’ve been searching for.  Rest easy, my son.  The battle is over.” That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? Sometimes I think […]

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  • No, I Didn’t Invite You to Be My Friend

    I’m sorry to everyone who got an email from me asking them to join a social-networking site.  I didn’t mean to.  I’m not a part of that site. Sorry. Really.

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  • The Dangers of Participating in a Digital Democracy

    Blogging can be a more dangerous proposition than it first appears to be … the problem is, that sometimes people actually read blogs. What’s worse, some people care about what’s written in them.

    As you’ve clearly noticed, I’ve recently re-joined the rank and file of the blogging world, and I’m excited and pleased to be doing so. My own reasons for re-emergence are scattered … but some of it has to do with memory and other things alluded to in a previous post. Consequently, I’m using this as a public journal of sorts.

    I bull-dozed through my youth (like everyone else), but I have enough document from that period to remember what it’s like to be young. There are so many benchmarks that you clearly reach (or don’t reach), that it can be relatively easy to call up memories from 14, 18, 22, etc.

    But what about 26? Let alone 29 …

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